Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Raw Food for Friends

A couple of weeks ago, we had three friends over to teach them raw food preparation. They each had been eating raw for a little while, but wanted some more ideas. So my daughters and I fixed all sorts of goodies for them as they watched on. Starting with opening young coconuts, moving through salads, then dehydrated goodies, ending with desserts. Here are just a few of the items we enjoyed that day.

This first is a picture of my 13 yo daughter's own recipe for a mock tuna salad.

Below is a picture of our beet ravioli made from Raw Food, Real World's recipe.

This is one of our favorites. It's the asian inspired marinated veggies from Rejuvenate with Serene.

And, although this picture doesn't look quite appetizing, it's Juliano's meatloaf recipe with barbeque sauce.

It was a great day with great food and great fellowship. The only problem was food combining so many differents foods all in one afternoon. Don't think we'll be doing that again anytime soon.

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