Monday, February 11, 2008

Eating Out

Who says you can't eat out and stay raw. These are just some examples of dinners I've enjoyed at restaurants. I just look at the menu and pick out "ingredients" from all the dishes that sound good to put on my salad. I ask for a large mound of their darkest greens and then request different raw goodies to be placed on top. I usually ask for them to make me a lemon/olive oil dressing. Sometimes they just bring me the oil and lemon on the side.

Sometimes they get creative in the kitchen and make something beautiful. Yumm. I LOVE mango in my salads.

This one was so great. The chef actually came to our table personally when he was told of my request. He had a notepad and pen and wanted to make sure he got it just right. As you can see, I think I got a little bit of everything. Asparagus, peppers, olives, oranges, tomatoes. It was so good.

OK. This one was easy. This was at a raw food restaurant in Seattle. I can't remember exactly what went into this one, but at least I ordered it straight from the menu.

Funny thing is that even at the nicest of restaurants, my dishes normally look so much better than their cooked specialties. It's like God's rainbow on every plate.

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