Monday, February 25, 2008

Dining Out Raw

Another successful dining experience. Excellent service and excellent food.

Started with water with orange slices.

I didn't even have to ask for a raw appetizer. It was automatically served as an "amuse bouche" (palette teaser). Scrumptious. Sliced tomato with a zucchini, cucumber, mushroom, olive relish and generously drizzled with olive oil and freshly cracked black pepper. They prepared these right at our table. I asked for more than one, so they presented me with three on my plate, (no extra charge).

This was the exciting part. I went online before we ever went to the restaurant to see what they offered. I wrote out all the ingredients I wanted on a salad and handed it to our server. He came back to the table and said the owner/chef would personally prepare my dinner. It was absolutely fantastic with a perfect olive oil/lemon juice dressing. It may not look like it in the picture, but this was a HUGE salad, just as I requested. Couldn't have been better. It had so many depths of flavors because they included every veggie they had on the menu. And with the addition of raisins, well "c'est magnifique"!

The next amazing thing was that they were so pleased to assist me with my special meal, they're going to put my little recipe on file for my subsequent visits. Now that's service.

And yes, once again my "paparazzi" was there with her camera. She never leaves home without it. Sure wish I new how to use a camera like that.

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