Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Curried Hummus

One of my favorite meals is hummus with tabouli. This hummus is based on a Gabriel Cousens recipe. I just took my favorite recipe and added a bunch of curry and cayenne. I'm not giving exact measurements because curry and cayenne both seem to be really personal spices. Some like a little, and some like much more. Me, I just dump until it feels like enough.

I always serve my hummus the same way. I plop down several spoonfuls in the center of the plate and make a well in the center. This makes a nice bed for the tabouli.

The tabouli in the picture is pretty simple. Just a whole lot of parsley, red bell pepper and green olives. I squeezed meyer lemon juice all over the top, sprinkled some celtic sea salt and drizzled olive oil over the whole thing.

The fragrance of this dish was spectacular! The curry and the fresh scent of the parsley. Not a morsel was left on the plate.

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