Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Leftovers and Cooked Food

Every now and then I have one of these moments where I'll have a bit of cooked food. For example, I used Muir Glen pizza sauce a couple of months ago on my raw pizza to save some time and effort. Today, it was using some organic whole wheat chili tortillas to make raw veggie wraps with leftovers.

Sometimes I'm ok with that and other times I'm not. I normally don't know until after the meal. Although the wraps below were absolutely delicious, they just leave me with that "stuffed feeling" that cooked food brings. But for people who are wanting to eat a "mostly" raw diet, they would be fantastic.

So what was in them and why did I succumb to the tortillas? Well, Greenlings is delivering today and we're trying to empty out our two refrigerators to make way for our goodies. Our youngest daughter has just been diagnosed with food allergies including gluten, wheat, eggs, turmeric and mustard among others. Further testing is to come, but she will definitely no longer be eating tortillas. So mommy came to the rescue and decided to help out the other sister with finishing off this latest bag of chili tortillas.

The rest of the ingredients in these wraps were my leftover curry hummus, shredded chinese cabbage, shredded carrots, cauliflower and diced red pepper. And, oh, I also just had to throw in one of the Bubbies pickles.
I think that once every few weeks with cooked is enough for me (maybe too much). Every time I indulge, it just reminds me of why I'm eating raw. P.S. My daughter is starting her own blog documenting her journey with food allergies. She's basically starting from scratch now eating just a few items and will slowly be adding more every few days. (Of course, there will be foods that she'll never get to taste again) It may take her many months, but she is so patient and very creative. It will be a slow process of healing her body. I'll let you know her blog site address soon. It will have MANY raw food dishes.

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