Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Green Smoothies

I love green smoothies! They're so easy and versatile to make!. This one had pineapple, frozen mango, frozen banana, mache, raw almond butter, and raw coconut butter. The vita-mix blender is in daily use at our house. It makes everything from puddings to smoothies to dressings--and they're all so smooooooth.

We try all sorts of combinations with whatever we have on hand. For an e-book filled with wonderful smoothie recipes, click here. Not only does Melissa have a book for regular smoothies, but also one for babies--a great way to introduce greens in their diet.

Strawberry Salad

This is one of my favorite salads so I'll start with this one. I know it isn't strawberry season anymore (although you can still find strawberries in the stores). It starts with a base of baby mixed greens, and then I pile on the sliced fresh organic strawberries. For a different texture, add some sliced red onions and chopped walnuts. The dressing is simply olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a splash of raw honey. I also like to add a slight sprinkle of celtic sea salt.

This is a salad I like when the strawberries are in season. They're so fresh and juicy and worth the wait! Of course, fresh baby lettuces from the garden that melt in your mouth can't be matched.


What can I say? I love the garden life! I love our garden, farmers markets, veggies, fruits, cooking (or should I say not cooking?). Before becoming a raw foodie (early 2006), I was just a foodie. I loved cooking in the kitchen with my daughters and preparing simple to gourmet meals for my husband.

But now I have found that raw food brings it's own challenges, creativity and joy. My daughters are vegetarians, and we love to create new raw dishes in the kitchen. We're still cooking for my husband, but incorporate healthier choices for him. We even serve raw side dishes that he enjoys.

I am starting this blog to share the joy and fun of gardening and preparing healthy raw dishes. There is such an abundance of fruits and veggies that God has provided, and we are having fun exploring them all.

I'll reference items that come from some of our favorite raw recipe books, as well as share our own creations.

Hope you enjoy!