Sunday, April 27, 2008

And a bit of the rest

What's a garden without at least one zucchini plant. Actually that's all you need.

Cucumbers are great in juice, in salads, or just eaten plain. We also like them in pineapple gazpacho.

Collards are a staple in our family. We're already making wraps.

Corn blowing in the wind.

We love our blackberries!

You say tomato, I say tomoto

The tomatoes are really looking great this year--all 42 of them

Green zebras are one of our favorites. They're really pretty on a plate with the reds and yellows.

OK, so tomatillos aren't really tomatoes, but I thought I'd through them in here.

Tomatillo bud


Our peppers are already producing!

Juicy jalapenos

Serranos are a bit hotter

Spring Flowers

We plant marigolds throughout the garden to deter pests.

The girls planted rose bushes this year and they're already presenting us with beauties.

Spring Garden

It's been awhile since I've posted. We had a mishap (parents left daughters camera at a restaurant in California). Sooo...... we bought her a new one, and now she's back being our resident photographer.

I'll be sharing some pictures of the spring garden in the next few posts. The veggies and flowers in spring are just the most beautiful of the year. (The summer garden gets to looking like an overgrown jungle.)

This little friend just appeared. We haven't had to bring any in yet (that will be later in the hotter weather)

The color of the eggplant flowers are gorgeous!

Some red basil mixed in with the tomatoes.

We love the chard in green drinks, green smoothies and salads. They also make great wraps.

Haricot verts -- not as many came up as we had hoped, but they're my husband's favorite.