Friday, January 30, 2009

Local Meal

The girls and I have been drinking quite a bit of juice this week.  We especially like the green juices with various greens, cucumber, celery, etc.  Except for the cucumber and celery, most ingredients have been local.  So in lieu of posting a local meal we enjoyed this week, this is a dinner that Laura fixed back when our computer had crashed and we were unable to post our local meal for the challenge on  

Laura made homemade gnocchi with a butternut/sage sauce.  The girls sauteed greens from our garden to go on the side.  Then they added some blackeye peas that I had made for David.  All ingredients were local except for the peas and the flour (which we mill the wheat berries ourselves).  

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The DeL Sisters said...

Oh those gnocchi sound absolutely wonderful Mrs. Adams!

Hannah Del.