Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Compost Time

We had some organic garden soil and compost brought in to fill the 5 new raised beds that David built.  Here's two hard workers. 

Lizzy decided to play around with us and brought out the old radio flyer and toddler shovel. Very slow, but really cute.  

Since we're adding beds this year, we're going to designate a couple of them for some perennials--asparagus for one.  We'll be picking up the 2 yr crowns as well as some fruit trees at the end of the month. 

Our seed orders are all in and the seed trays are prepared with freshly sifted compost and potting soil.  The girls and I will be planting the next few days.  I'll post soon with this season's list of babies.  We're so excited--we purchased from Seed Savers Exchange and Southern Exposure and have many heirlooms that we can't wait to see sprout.

This is definitely our favorite time of the year.  Too bad we have cedar allergies, not to mention really weird weather.  One day I'm working in 44 degree weather wearing two petticoats and long johns under my skirt, and three days later it gets into the high 70's low 80's.  And the wind is really kicking around the cedar pollen.  I've had to stay inside for two days now--I had no voice for several days until this morning.  Well, at least the seedling work is done indoors.  This is when we transform the breakfast room into a nursery/greenhouse.

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