Saturday, January 31, 2009

Local Meal Breakfast Dinner

This was a local meal we made for Daddy.  Local eggs from Edelen Farms with homegrown roasted hatch chilis (from the freezer.)  The potatoes were from our Greenling's local box.  Although the ingredients weren't local, Laura milled her own flour for this dutch oven no knead wheat bread.  I think David also had some local honey on the bread.

Trying to catch up on local meal posts for the challenge at   Although most all our meals include a large portion of local ingredients and many are all local, we just haven't been taking many pictures.  I'll try to post some of the local raw meals soon.  Actually, this afternoon my lunch was a collard wrap with collards from my garden, local grated carrot, and guacamole made from G & S Groves avocado from our Greenling's local box.  I added a side of beet relish we just canned that I'll post on soon. .....Just need to get my photographer going!  We've all been quite busy lately with our garden, new beds, seedling plantings, etc.  We just love what God has been providing!

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