Saturday, January 17, 2009

Local Meal of a Different Kind

No pictures this evening!  We're still trying to reorganize things on our new hard drive, and we have a bit more tweaking to do before we load more pictures.

Actually, the meal this evening didn't even include pictures.  The photographer was too busy in the kitchen.  It was a local meal of a different kind.  Here's the story.....

My husband and our two daughters - 14 and 17 - coordinated an evening for the lady of the household.  

Dear husband asked me out on a date night this evening and wouldn't tell me where we were going - just that reservations were for 6:30.  So I showered and got all purtied up for my date and we left the house.  My date then proceeded to drive me around the neighborhood and ended our trip by pulling into our very own driveway.  He opened my car door and escorted me to our front door where there was a sign reading "Welcome to Ninetta's".  (From a song my classically trained opera singing youngest daughter used to sing)  We rang the doorbell and was greeted by a fair haired angel wearing an apron.  She ushered us to a dimly lit formal dining room lit with only hand dipped beeswax candles.  Romantic Italian opera was softly playing in the background while my husband proceeded to pour me a glass of wine.

The waitress then entered once more with our menus - 

Freshly made sourdough bread (made with my daughters own starter) with a local olive oil and balsamic dip.

Salad with greens fresh from the garden, tomatoes from a local farmer, croutons made from freshly made sourdough bread and homemade salad dressing with the feature ingredient being some hickory mustard we picked up at the Santa Fe farmers market.

Whole wheat angel hair pasta with meat sauce made from Edelen Farms grass fed beef (which I just purchased at the farmers market this morning).  An alternative of fresh zucchini pasta with tomato sauce was offered to the "lady of the house".

Dessert was sauteed peaches over local vanilla ice cream for the gentleman, and local pumpkin and almond torte freshly made by the eldest daughter.

WOW!  Unbelievable!  Sooo....... romantic, precious, delicious, and mostly local to boot!  As my husband said, "we will definitely be coming back to this restaurant"!

Again, no pictures, but it was a date night you know.  The servants left us to ourselves most of the time.  (I do have to say, though, that it was the only time I ever had a waitress give me a hug and kisses.)

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