Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Garden--Aaaah!

Our spring/summer garden is almost fully planted.  I'll share photos later, but here's what's in the soil now:

35 Tomato plants -- romas, juliets, marvel stripe, brandywine, sweet 100s, yellow pear, solarfire, sunpride, celebrity, bin 44 and a couple miscellaneous I can't now remember

42 Pepper plants - poblanos, habaneros, anaheim (green hatch), serranos, green bells, red bells, jalapenos, thai chilis

4 Tomatillos

12 Eggplant

2 Zucchini - That will be more than enough

More corn than I can count at the moment--we're adding more every 10 days

28 Haricot verts

15 Red chard

12 Collards

Every herb you can think of--They have their own home on the opposite side of our property, but we do plant quite a bit of basil and chives in the veggie garden

Our five blackberry bushes look better than ever this year - We'll probably be doing quite a bit of freezing (and some canning of blackberry jam for my husband)

Marigolds take their place at the end of each raised bed--they add beautiful color and help confuse some of the not-so-sweet buggies

Everything looks just absolutely fantastic so far, but we'll see what weather God has for us.  Sometimes the garden has been awesome in the past, and then a lovely storm with gusting winds and hail comes along and pelts holes in the tomato plants and blows over the peppers.  We're just praying for good rains and glorious sun (we'll no doubt get the latter).

I'm tasting that rainbow platter of tomatoes already.  Yummmmmmy!

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Paulina said...

What an awesome thing it is to have your own garden! I'd love to be able to have that some day.

Have you ever read The Hallelujah Diet? I recently ordered the book from Amazon but haven't received it yet so I was wondering what your opinion is on it (If you've read it of course!)